First bananas

 First Bananas
This is my first bunch of bananas. I read that I should call them a hand. I spotted the bananas yesterday, 19 November. I have no idea when/if they’ll be ready to eat.

Apparently you get only one spear of bananas per plant, then it dies off. The suckers of this plant will be next years bearers.

I just went outside to check on their progress and now 3 hands are visible. Not bad progress for 24 hours.

I found the old tag from when we bought this plant about 4 years ago and it indicates the bananas could be either Ladys’ Fingers or Cavendish (both are musa sapientum). I suppose I’ll figure it out when/if the fruit ripens. What kind of lable doesn’t tell you the exact plant variety?


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2 Responses to First bananas

  1. karen says:

    We had bananas growing in our yard in California but never had any we could eat..

    Good luck!

  2. Do you know why you couldn’t eat them? They just didn’t ripen?

    I’m hoping since I have hands in early summer that they’ll ripen by the end of summer. They’re planted in a protected area where they get good sun and in the afternoon it should reflect off the fence. Fingers crossed.

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