Rocket seedlingsIs this rocket? I planted some seeds here (and elsewhere) on Sunday, 14 Nov. I put sticks next to the seeds so I wouldn’t accidentally weed them, but then I forgot which seeds went where. The package says rocket seeds should sprout in 6-10 days, it’s been 6.

These seeds get little or no sun, they’re in the same bed as the rhubarb. I’ve also tried cucumber and eggplant (I think) to see if they survive without full sun. I did some research and there was a study showing cucumbers produced more fruit under shade cloth. We’ll see.

Update 13 April 2011: The cucumber in the shady bed did indeed do better than the one in the full sun but both produced edible fruit. The rocket in the shady bed died but it did okay (not great) in the sunny bed – there are leaves now that we can harvest. The eggplant in the sunny bed had an arrested development, not that the shady plants did that well. Now that it’s autumn and the horribly hot summer is over (very hard on all of the veggies when it’s over 40) we’ll see if either actually produce fruit. Basically the results of my test lead me to believe that the sunny bed does better but needs a shade cloth mid summer where the shady bed gets there, just a bit more slowly.


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