Sprouting times

I’m going to update this post as I get new plants and new info so I’ll have a one-stop-shop for harvest times.

This site Gardenate has a lot of good info by climate zone (Sydney is Australia – sub-tropical).

Radish: 5-8 days sprouting, 4-6wks harvest (Scarlet Globe, Sparkler& Long Scarlet) (scarlet globe harvest in 6-8 wks), sow all year

Basil: 10-12 days sprouting, 6wks harvest (Sweet Genovese), sow Aug-Dec

Beetroot: 7-10 weeks to harvest (thin to 3 inches as roots swell), sow July – Apr

Broccoli: 7-14 days sprouting, 16-20 wks harvest (Green Delight), sow Feb

Brussels sprouts: 7-12 days sprouting, 16-20 wks harvest (Evesham Special), sow autumn/winter

Cabbage (Primo II, Brassica oleracea var capitata): 7-21 days sprouting, 14-18 weeks harvest, sow all year round

Carrot: 10-21 days sprouting, 15-18 wks harvest, sow Feb-Nov

Cauliflower: 7-10 days sprouting, 16 wks harvest, sow autumn

Celery: 12-14wks harvest, sow Sept, Oct

Coriander: 18-24 days sprouting, 6wks harvest (‘Cilantro’ for leaf), sow Apr, May, Aug-Nov

Cucumber: 6-10 days sprouting (Burpless F1), sow Aug-Mar

Dill: 8-12 wks harvest, sow Mar, Apr, Jul, Aug

Eggplant (Black Beauty): 10-14 days sprouting, sow Aug-Feb

Kohlrabi: 7-10 weeks to harvest, sow Mar-Aug

Lettuce 6-10 days sprouting, 8-10wks harvest (Cos) / 8-14 days sprouting, 10-1 wks harvest (Iceberg), sow all year

Nasturtium 14-21 days sprouting, 10 weeks flowering (trailing mixed), sow spring to early autumn

Onion:  10-14 days sprouting, 22-30 weeks harvest (Red), sow autumn

Pea: 10-14 days sprouting, 8-10 weeks harvest (Onward), sow Apr-July

Rhubarb: 1 year harvest, plant bulb (corm) Sep

Rocket: 6-10 days sprouting, sow Mar-Oct

Snow pea: 7-10 days sprouting, 12-14 wks harvest (Oregon Dwarf), sow Apr – July

Silverbeet: 10-14 days sprouting, 10 wks harvest (Deep Green), sow all year

Spinach: 14-21 days sprouting, 8-10 wks harvest (Perpetual Leaf, Medania), sow Mar-May

Spring Onions: 14 days sprouting, 8-12wks harvest (white Lisbon), sow all year

Sunflower: 10-14 days sprouting, 12 wks harvest (Giant Single), sow Aug-Apr

Sweet Corn: harvest 11-14 wks, sow Sept-Feb

Tarragon (Russian): 10-14 days sprouting, sow Sep-Jan

Thyme: 12-14 days sprouting, 8-10wks harvest, sow Jul-Nov

Tomato (Roma VF & Sweetie, Lycopersicum esculentum): 10-14 days sprouting, 15-20wks harvest, sow spring & summer

Zucchini: 6-10 days sprouting, 8wks harvest (Blackjack), sow Aug-Feb


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I'm an American-Australian author, gardener and traveller. Go to my writing website: www.laurarittenhouse.com for more. If you're trying to find my gardening blog, it's here.
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