Lunar Planting

preparing the bed for horseradish and gingerToday I finally put in my ginger. I looked at the lunar planting calendar and from 3:30 yesterday afternoon for the next few days we’re in the full moon phase. Good for root plants. So, in went ginger, horseradish, more radishes and another rhubarb (apparently they also benefit from full moon planting).

4 ginger plants and 1 horseradish plant went in the sunflower bed. All had been soaked overnight to remove any growth retardents (a tip I read somewhere). The horseradish already has a green sprout.

Planted 4 more gingers and 1 horseradish down in the ginger bed. Pretty much as above but here they’ll get virtually zero sun.

Planted radish seeds in front of the 2 tomato plants in the sunflower bed.

Preparing soil for the rhubarbrhubarbA rhubarb plant (double actually) went into a new spot beside the strawberry bed. I mixed in compost and a handful of fertiliser to the soil Frank loosened (very clayey and hard). The last double sits waiting more compost to try in a pot. Have to do that before the lunar phase shifts!

Then, just because (no encouragement by the lunar calendar – probably discouragement if I’d bother looking) I planted some herbs. Dill and tarragon in amongst the lettuce and celery in the basil bed. Coriander along the fence in the strawberry bed. Thyme along behind the zucchini/cuke in that bed.

I keep spraying Scat on the beds to deter Tash (she managed to dig up what I think are 2 of the eggplants – none have sprouted anyway) and garlic/soap on the aphids (they seem diminished but something like 1/2 infinity of them remain).

I used this site: Aussie Organic Gardening Blog  to help me figure out when the lunar phases fall and what to plant in each.

Update 12 March: I’ve tried to summarise what I think I know about Lunar Planting in this post

Update 4 May 2011: The ginger is doing pretty well (those not soaked but already sprouting did MUCH better). Over half came up and a couple of them have 2 shoots. The shady bed did much better than the sunny bed (only 2 of 4 ginger in the sunny bed have sprouted and neither are very large). The horseradish in the sunny bed is doing better – not sure if that’s due to the sunshine or lack of something eating the leaves. The horseradish in the shady bed continually looks to have leaves made of lace.

The rhubarb is gone – I believe the bulb has been eaten by something – all rhubarbs suffered the same fate.

The herbs were a disaster (not clear why but some of the seeds were obviously duds as they didn’t sprout even in sprouting trays). The aphids were undeterrable and Tash is now kept at bay by covering new beds with sticks.


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