Seedlings doing well

SunflowersThe sunflowers are continuing to grow (with the tomatoes behind them doing well too). The do seem a bit weak so today I tied them each to a small stake in the hopes that they’ll actually grow up rather than occasionally falling down.

lettuceI’m less happy with the lettuce. It isn’t exactly taking off. The celery looks okay but the lettuce is pretty stagnant with some leaves dying. I’m watering at least daily. I’m hoping it is just stress from transplanting. The celery that was planted at the same time and in the same beds is looking really healthy. As for that basil, it just keeps bursting with life. I may have to move some of the plants soon. Which I dread as I suspect it will be their death knell.

peas and eggplantcucumber and zucchinirocket and eggplantHere are some of the plants I put in with seeds 11 days ago. The first photo shows the peas, really taking off now. I had to replant 3 that didn’t come up. We’ll see how they go.

The 2nd photo shows a cucumber and zucchini plant from my initial seed planting. They are looking really healthy.

The 3rd photo shows the rocket, doing pretty well. I don’t think I planted rocket in a sunny spot so I have no comparison – I’ll have to remedy that. To the right of the rocket is some eggplant. 2 of the 3 groups were dug up by Tash, but one remains untouched and sprouts appeared 2 days ago. (I think one of those Tash disturbed has produced a sprout today – I’ll keep an eye on it to confirm.)

And now there is what I suspect is cucumber sprouts coming up as well. These plants are in the ginger bed and get no sun. They are a trial and are definitely sprouting later then their sun-drenched siblings, but not doing too badly even so.

rhubarbbananaThe rhubarb in the ginger bed is doing well. Looks healthy but not growing much.

The banana is doing fantastic. Up to 5 hands with the 6th about to spring out.

On general garden maintenance, I continue to battle Tash. I spray Scat daily after watering (it’s nasty toxic stuff, but I don’t see an alternative beyond building a cage around my beds, at least until the plants are established enough to fend her off).

I also spray my garlic/soap mix on the aphids on the struggling orange tree. Yesterday I reached a point of despair as I could see no progress. Today there are a lot less of the pests so maybe… I did Google aphids to see other organic options and the only other real possibility to battle aphids seems to be to add oil to my mixture. But in the warm sun, that can burn plants and it’s been warm and sunny every day. I remain cautiously optimistic. But I have to say, I don’t think this is going to solve the aphid attacks I’ve had in the past on plants like broccoli or brussels sprouts. I may just have to give up on that strain of vegetable if I can’t lick the aphids.


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2 Responses to Seedlings doing well

  1. karen says:

    Try some of the oils to deter Tash. I would make a dilution of lavender oil to spray. I read about keeping cats off Christmas trees last year and the suggestion was to spray citrus scents. Here’s another article:

  2. I’ll definitely try the essential oils. That way I won’t worry about it getting on my lettuce and then into my system. Thanks for the tip and the article. I love the idea of using old rose bush cuttings – watch out Tash!

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