Rosemary indoorsI’ve got a very scraggly rosemary bush living outside. It’s actually one I planted from a cutting of one that is now dead :-(. This plant is doing okay, but was covered in weeds so has grown leggy to reach the sun. Pulling out the weeds helped some, but it’s time for rejuvenation.

I tried taking cuttings and putting them in water, just like I did last time, and they all died. No idea why.

I’m trying again. I’ve got a few cuttings in water (a mix with woody stems and soft stems) and one I’ve put straight into the soil (after dipping in a rooting aid) of a new indoor collection of plants. This metal bowl used to have plants in it and I figure it’s time to try again. It mainly has really hearty plants stolen from the garden: succulents, bromeliads, spider plants, but I’ve also added the rosemary cuttings and peppermint plants (dug from the garden). I must admit that growing food inside hasn’t ever been my forte, especially on the kitchen bench where sunlight is nil, but I thought maybe these tough edibles might be the exception.


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4 Responses to Rosemary

  1. karen says:

    I tried rooting probably 10 sprigs of rosemary in water. Only one rooted – the rest rotted! Decided rosemary must be something I should buy..

  2. Okay – 10% is something I can live with. I have a few more failures allowed before I give up and buy from the nursery.

  3. I have also had a lot of trouble growing rosemary. It doesn’t like the humidity up here, but I now have one in a pot that has been growing (albeit slowly) for two years. As I understand they only grow from soft stems, so it is important to keep trimming it back to make it bushy, or pinch off the growing tips. I found that mine grew best from soft shoots dipped in rooting hormone.

  4. I did end up getting over half of my cuttings to grow roots outside. In the house – forget about it!. Now all my summer cuttings are in the ground and I’ve got new cuttings rooting in pots outside. My scraggly bush is recovering since I’ve pulled out the weeds that were strangling it. I’m hoping I’ll end up with a dense mass of rosemary IF I keep pruning it. Of course part of my problem is impatience. I have a tendence to expect immediate response from TLC where I’ve noticed my plants take more a wait and see approach 🙂

    In the middle of this post is a photo with my recovering parent rosemary and some of its offspring.

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