Rocket surprise

Is this rocket genetically modified or what?!? I planted it 4 days ago. Yesterday the first shoots appeared (packet says 6-10 days). Today the whole row is bursting forth. This was supposed to be my “control group” to compare against the ones I planted in the shady ginger bed. I think they will win hands down but, since I planted them days apart, it isn’t a particularly fair test. I’ll see how we go over time.

It’s been cloudy and drizzly pretty much full time since planting. Maybe they like that. Or is it something to do with the lunar calendar?

The dill, coriander, thyme and tarragon I planted 8 days ago are doing absolutely nothing. But then they aren’t supposed to sprout for at least 10 days.

As for my radishes. The first batch planted weeks ago we’re now harvesting. Mainly because it has stopped growing. The bulb is narrow and just not turning into a nice ball like it should.  The result is a woody, very hot, but not too tasty little red stick. The 2nd planting doesn’t look a lot better. The 3rd planting, also 8 days ago is just starting to come up. It’s in the sunflower bed, maybe it will do better there.


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