Kumquat regrowth

kumquat regrowthBanana spear

The kumquat tree is sprouting after its harsh pruning about a month ago. I’m confident it will come back stronger than ever.

The banana has 5 or so hands of fruit and 3 of something (males I believe) that surely isn’t going to be edible. I think those 5 hands will be enough for us (banana bread anyone?).

Tash somehow tiptoed over that pile of twigs I put in the strawberry bed last week and did her business right on top of the coriander seeds I was expecting to sprout any day now. I carefully shifted dirt (and her business) away and we’ll see if the sprouting is ancient history. The eggplant which suffered a similar fate was decimated with only 1 of an expected half-dozen seedlings surviving. More twigs, more cursing, who knows if it will help.


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