Garden greensGarden saladToday’s harvest. 2 types of lettuce (from seedlings), basil (from seed), parsley (self propagated for several years), oregano (from seedling several years old and neglected). It all got turned into a salad tossed with tomatoes (from the store as my tomatoes are still small and green), avocado, onion and croutons made from my homemade sourdough bread. Served with homemade ginger beer. Not a bad effort.

pea seedlings

The peas are shooting up. Yesterday Frank put up some mesh for them to climb. Today only a couple are struggling to avoid their destiny.


About Laura Rittenhouse

I'm an American-Australian author, gardener and traveller. Go to my writing website: www.laurarittenhouse.com for more. If you're trying to find my gardening blog, it's here.
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2 Responses to Harvest

  1. karen says:

    OMG! I’m so hungry! I hope some of this survives for my visit! What a FABULOUS salad! And, homemade bread… yummmmmmmmm.

  2. I hope it survives long enough for me to eat it. It all sprouts so quickly then there’s this horrid period where I watch and pray that I get to eat the veggies not the aphids, catepillars, possums… It’s like being under siege!

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