2nd Banana Spear

2 banana spears

Yesterday Frank pointed out to me that our banana plant has a 2nd spear. It’s already January so I’m very sceptical that it will ever have any ripe bananas on it, but I’m glad to see it happily producing anyway.

The first spear is pretty stable. The green bananas don’t grow any bigger, but I’m hoping they will get to a point that we can eat them. Just not sure when that happens.

Today the spring onions in front of the peas – those that I mounded with extra dirt – are starting to shoot (planted 29/12, mounded 1/1). Not all of them (of course not, spring onions don’t seem to like me) but some are coming up. I watch with interest to see if they do better than my previous 2 attempts (one totally vanished and the other looking ready to turn itself into compost).

I think 2 of the eggplants planted in the basil bed (on 29/12) have sprouted. The other 2 sets of eggplants are doing okay. Well, the ones in the ginger bed (6 sprouts of ginger now) are doing okay, they’re about 3 inches tall and taking their own sweet time. Those in the pea bed are about 1 1/2 inches tall and could be petrifying on the spot. I believe both of those eggplant patches were planted on 14 November. Coming up to their 2 month birthday. Should I be worried? (I am.)


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