Ginger Bed

Ginger bedThis is the shady garden bed I call the ginger bed (that’s what it was designed for). Several sprouts can be seen shooting in the back. The highest is maybe 18 inches tall.

Yesterday I bravely pulled out most of the weeds because the plants are now getting big enough to hopefully keep Tash away. Only one of the gingers I planted is lacking any sprouts and one has a second sprout coming out of it. (The other ginger bed I planted in the sunflower bed isn’t doing so well. I think I planted 3 or 4 different pieces and only 1 sprouted.)

The cucumber is doing well (obviously). Just poking out (one leaf is visible) in the bottom left is some rocket. To the left/centre of the cukes is the slow growing eggplant (when will it get big and flower?). Basil is doing well in the right/centre (protected by Tash-deterrent twigs). In the back right is the horseradish. And finally back right and front left (which is pretty tough to see – just to the right of the last cuke leaf) is the rhubarb.

This afternoon I planted 2 new tomato plants (that’s all the shop had) in the same bed as some of the others (where the first batch of unsuccessful spring onions failed). I also replanted eggplant seeds where I planted the last ones (where lettuce used to be). The last seedlings gave up the ghost on a particularly hot day. Temperature is more important than the phase of the moon if you ask me (though coincidentally this is the first quarter and should be good for both tomatoes and eggplants).


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