Too hot to garden

2nd banana spearWe’re well into summer and it’s going to be over 30 every day for at least the next week. Not a time to plant and definitely not a time to be a seedling. But I’m pretty sure my banana is loving it. Frank buried a tube into its roots weeks ago (you can see it at the back of this photo) and tops it up with water from our rainwater tank pretty much every day. There are 2 more watering tubes in the garden for fruit trees and they seem to be working pretty well.

The only gardening that realistically can be done today (or this week) is weeding – which I’ll try to tackle before it gets too hot. Explain to me why weed seedlings don’t wilt?

Anyway, looking on the bright side, there’s plenty of water (hooray rainwater tank because the heaven’s aren’t providing any), plenty of sun, more than enough heat – banana heaven.

Both spears look healthy (first one is on the left in the back, the 2nd one is in the foreground) but no turning yellow yet. I honestly don’t know what to watch for or when to harvest. I suspect I have a lot of time to figure that out.


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