Native Bee Nursery

Bee House ManufacturerToday a) Frank finished the bee’s house by installing the mud bricks and b) we realised bees have found the house and set up camp.

Bee nestThere are quite a few blocked holes in Frank’s logs where the bees have laid their eggs. It looks pretty obvious that the bees prefer the small holes. Wonder when the babies hatch.

At about 4 o’clock yesterday the heat wave FINALLY broke. Days and days above 30 with a few topping 40. The plants really suffered. This morning I went out to do a bit of post-baking maintenance. I cut back the burnt and dead bits of the cucumbers and zucchini. Hopefully they will recover. Some other plants got a bit of a prune but others likely will never perk up. Oh well, there’s more seeds to be sown.


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