Free Lychees?

Lychee seedsToday I planted lychee seeds. They are the remnants of last night’s dessert. I’ve planted 4 normal (large) seeds and in between them I planted 3 “chicken tongues”. I have no idea if chicken tongues produce trees, but neither do I have great confidence in the larger seeds. A bit of snooping around the internet leads me to believe that I can expect fruit anywhere between 5-20 years – if at all. Apparently I may first see sprouts in 3 months.

lychee plantingsNot being a patient person, I wonder why I’m even trying. But th price might have something to do with it.

Here they are, all nicely bedded down in the ginger bed. The thinking was that this bed doesn’t dry out – hopefully the lychee seeds are okay with plenty of shade. I planted some seeds upside down, some right side up (whatever that means) and some on their side in the hopes that I plant at least one correctly.

Update 4 May 2011: No lychees for me. A couple sprouted but they kept showing up on top of the soil. We have something that eats seeds and roots and it clearly liked my lychees.

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