Fell Down BOOM

broken jade plant
repaired jade plant Our beautiful indoor jade plant had a slight accident yesterday (above). For a few days we’ve been wondering about a branch that seemed to be drooping: Has the plant been over watered? Under watered? Is it all a figment of our imagination? Well the answer to the last question is no (not sure about the watering). Gravity finally took its toll and the large leaning branch broke. Which most likely is simply because of the method of transplanting (sawing the root in half and sticking it in the pot at an angle that suited us aesthetically rather than its original ground level).

Thank God jade plants are so resilient. Today we sawed the end off the broken branch and dug a hole (which turned out to be remarkably easy because there was a hollow next to the broken stump) put in a bit of compost and jammed in the broken arm of the jade plant (leftmost visible stalk in the 2nd photo).

Time will tell if it takes but experience suggests it should. And new branches should appear from the old broken stump. These beasts really are hardy. That is assuming it doesn’t take offence to being repotted on a day the lunar calendar says that nothing should be planted. Would it have been better to leave it lying on the floor until the planets align? Surely not!


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I'm an American-Australian author, gardener and traveller. Go to my writing website: www.laurarittenhouse.com for more. If you're trying to find my gardening blog, it's here.
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