Serious Rain

lorikeets in a palmAfter the driest start to the year since 1965, Sydney got more rain this weekend than it has for the year to date, and more than average for the month of March. It’s predicted to be wetter than average through April.

Honestly, what is the point?!?! My seedlings are still alive but rather battered. My new seeds in their trays are doing well (no coriander or tarragon yet – I am highly suspicious I got a dud batch of seeds with those), but they’re under cover. I think I’ll wait to plant them out for a good long while yet. As always, though I like the concept of the lunar calendar (full moon phase – the moon is closer than it’s been in 18 years, I wonder if that’s extra good for root crops) I think poking your nose out the back door is more important. Neither baking hard dirt nor mud make fertile soil.

I don’t think the birds mind the rain too terribly much. These lorikeets have been gathering a few times every day whenever a new burst of seeds springs from one of the palms I can see from my living room. They gorge themselves for about 3 days then I guess the seeds are too ripe and they move on to tastier pickings.

Until the weather cooperates, I’m enjoying the garden from my window – bring on the birds!


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3 Responses to Serious Rain

  1. tarragon…sounds like you are trying for a tasty garden.

  2. Richard, I am indeed. Herbs of every variety and as many veggies as I can get to survive the attacks of harsh weather and pests.

  3. karen says:

    Glad you finally have rain but, can’t you get anything in moderation? Good grief!

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