Planting out the cukes & zucchini

sproutsThe seedlings are bursting out of their tray. Well at least the cucumbers and zucchini are. I decided those had to be planted out today because a) they really are getting too big for the little tray and b) the lunar calendar warns against planting from mid day tomorrow (12 hours before last quarter) until the 6th of April (the day after the beginning of the new moon). I don’t think waiting until the 6th would be doing these guys any favours.

cukes & zucchini seedlingsseedlings in potHere they are in all their glory. On the left are (top to bottom) cuke, zucchini, cuke next to eggplant and rocket. On the right are 2 cuke clusters and 1 zucchini in a tub. I also threw some unsprouted seeds in the far corner. The remaining seedlings went into the pepper bed and the sunflower bed.

Before planting I put a couple of scoops of fresh compost into the beds and turned over the soil then watered it well.  I also sprayed the planting areas with my anti-mould spray to try to suppress anything in the soil or grass. After planting I mulched it all with some leaves from our back yard.

The mystery squash that god planted has another open female flower. I did my paint brush trick again to try to assist the pollination. There is one dying male flower in bloom on the plant and that’s it. We didn’t get to eat the last squash because some critters got in and it rotted 😦 I sure would love to eat something I didn’t even have to plant.

As a footnote, today the moon is in Sagittarius which is NOT a good day for planting. I definitely don’t have the patience to try to get the moon AND planets aligned when I’m worried about things like weather, the size of the plants, my mood… How does anything grow in the wild when seeds drop based on wind and bird activity not the heavens?


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3 Responses to Planting out the cukes & zucchini

  1. karen says:

    Sorry about your mystery squash – if that’s what it is…

    Yes, I also saw that yesterday was a horrible day to plant – so I didn’t. I suspect that any seeds dropped in the wild by birds suffered a horrible fate.

    I have beans left to plant, the ones the seed company sent me, and decided to try some sweet potatoes in a big pot out back. Does Frank, my potato expert, know anything about planting sweet potatoes that he could share with his sister-in-law?

    • Well, according to most of the stuff I’ve learned about lunar planting, yesterday was a good day to plant root crops. Of course squash isn’t a root veg. Whatever!

      Frank knows nothing about sweet potatoes, not an East German food I guess.

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