Planting out the seedlings

sifting compostToday was a gorgeous day for working in the garden. Frank finished sifting the compost, creating 3 more wheelbarrows full of great potting mix/top dressing/soil enhancer. I went to work on planting out the seedlings in the beds I prepared a few days ago with the results of Frank’s first round of sifting – about 4 more wheelbarrows full. Not a bad yield for a compost pile we’ve been creating since August.

seedligns ready for plantingThe seedlings I had planted on 12 March were ready to plant out and the lunar calendar heralded today as highly auspicious (New moon in Cancer) for leafy veggies which most of these seedlings are. So, into the garden I went and planted out lettuce, spinach, rocket, eggplant (maybe better in 1st quarter moon – oh well), coriander and dill. The tarragon never sprouted – bad batch of seeds I expect.

seedlingsI spent ages distributing seedlings around the various veggie/herb beds hoping I’d learn what works well, where. As always, I planted too closely together but I figured I can thin out later if that’s needed. I’ve saved a bit of room at the back of this photo for peas which I plan to plant in situ this week (first quarter moon) but otherwise, all beds are full except for the ginger bed.

After planting out the seedlings, I watered them well and then carefully spread sugar cane mulch lightly around each plant. I want to keep their leaves off the dirt and keep Tash from using that nicely turned soil as a litter box.

Just after I finished it all, a very light shower came. Showers are forecast tonight and tomorrow morning then a few days of sun. The weather and the lunar calendar aligned this time so I’m bound to reap an amazing harvest.

mulched seedlingsmulched seedlings
Next week I’ll mix this wheelbarrow of compost into the ginger bed. This bed is destined to hold brussels sprouts (I’ll plant seeds in my seedling tray next week) and some root crops (garlic, radishes, spring onions) that like to be planted in Autumn. The oak leaves are starting to fall and I’m leaving them as mulch until they become a nuisance.

compost ready to mix


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