Brussels Sprouts

creeping fig

On Monday, 12 April I planted brussels sprouts seeds in a tray and peas directly in the ground in the pea bed. I also planted about a half-dozen creeping figs along the front wall (and took another half-dozen cuttings for future use). I got so wrapped up in my shady bed that I forgot to note the planting dates. Can’t have that, I don’t want to lose track.

I chose Monday between 10 AM & 1 PM (yes, I was that specific) because it was a first quarter moon (good for seeds and flowers), more than 12 hours after the phase change and the moon was still in Cancer (fertile) which would change at 1:30 to Leo (barren). This should have been perfect for the peas, not sure if first quarter or new moon is better for brussels sprouts but the seed tray had just been emptied of the lettuce et al so it would have been a push to plant the brussels sprouts much earlier and really both phases should be okay.

Of course my theory that the weather has more to do with the success of a garden than the moon is on my side as well. For several days now the sun has been out and the high has been in the low 20s. I have to water a bit, but it’s perfect.

creeping fig on bird bathMost of the seedlings I planted on 10 April are looking good. With the notable exception of those I planted in the sunflower bed. No sign remains of them. Something ate them, leaves, stems and all. Since I have dozens scattered elsewhere, I’m not too fussed.

The creeping fig I planted in Jan and Feb at the base of the bird bath is coming on quite well. It has hit a growth spurt no doubt brought on by the return of the rains.


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