Autumn Planting on a Full Moon

Today is a Full Moon in Scorpio which means fertile planting, especially for root crops. It’s also a good time to take cuttings. Not perfect for flowers (a waxing moon would be better) but you can’t have everything!

Rhubarb double crown

After noting the calendar and the beautiful blue sky, into the garden I went with my plants, seeds and scissors. First in the ground was the rhubarb. Our earlier attempts all died (various reasons) but we’re giving it another go. Frank dug a big hole and we mixed in some slow release fertiliser and a lot of compost. It’s well mulched and surrounded by thorny rose branches to deter pests. Hopefully it will have a restful winter and be rarin’ to go next spring.

root veggies in ginger bed

Next, down to the ginger bed with a bunch of root vegetables. The spring onions went in between the rows of ginger. In front of the other plants came (in order) garlic (from the grocery store – imported from China, no doubt radiated, fumigated and coated with anti-growth stuff but who knows) red onions (seeds not bulbs), carrots with radishes next to the onions and carrots. Tash defence is installed (another attack last night).

thyme and brussels sprouts
Thyme and Brussels Sprouts

Then back to the planters where I put thyme cuttings in next to the Brussels sprouts (just poking through the soil – as are a couple of the peas planted at the same time last Monday).

Finally I went to town with flowers. In the round planter I put in 4 nasturtium seeds (they’re the size of peas) surrounding a mix of Engelmans Giant Pansies and Lobelia. In the long pot I planted Heartsease Johnny Jump-up Pansies with Forget Me Nots in the centre.

colourful flowers autumn plantings


Update 22 April 2011: Something took a few bites out of the rhubarb corm. I wish I could say I’m shocked but I am coming to the conclusion that these are just too tasty. No conclusive proof that it’s our bandicoot, but I’m suspicious. We covered the whole thing with mulch, not sure if that will help or even if it’s not too late. Time will tell.

Update 6 Sept: The nasturtiums are doing well. Not one other flower has sprouted, much less bloomed. No idea why – still trying to get flowers in my garden beds.


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