Green Tea

Green Tea Plant

Green Tea Plant

This little green tea bush went in the ground yesterday. We dug up an old azalea that was well past its prime (and likely older than I am) and put this in its place in our front yard. It’s in the camellia family (camellia sinesis ‘Austea’) and since our front yard is full of camelias I have great hopes that this one will survive.

I’m not sure when we can drink tea from our harvest, but I suspect the answer is any time we want to. You only drink the new leaves so this is going to be a seasonal drink.  The instructions read:
– Place about 10 tips (5 g) onto a saucer, heat in the microwave for 10-20 sec on medium until the leaves are soft and moist.
– Roll the leaves into a ball between the palms of your hands for 10-20 sec to break up the cells in the leaves.
– Place the tea-ball into a cup and add boiling water (I’ve always heard green tea prefers 90 degrees, just below boiling) and let steep for 1 minute.
– Strain and drink your tea.
– The same leaves can be reused for 2-3 more cups (in fact, connoisseurs claim the first cup is best dumped down the drain – as I’m not a connoisseur I’ll drink mine).

Anyone for a cuppa?


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3 Responses to Green Tea

  1. karen says:

    OH, I want a cup!!!!

    I wonder if that plant will grow here. I’ve never heard of anyone having it and I’ve never seen it anywhere or I would have certainly bought one!

    I’ll have to research!

  2. Imogheena says:

    I know when you drink this tea! When I come over to visit YUM!!!

    Reckon it would grow up here?


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