Orange Tree

Valencia Orange Tree

Valencia Orange Tree

Today’s addition to the garden is this little Valencia Orange Tree. We put it in a nice sunny spot with plenty of space between it and the mango (out of shot on the right) and the olive (out of shot on the left) trees. You can see the lemon tree behind the orange, next to the bird bath. This photo also shows the cherry tree a bit further back on the right and the mulberry tree directly behind. Finally, the sprawling mass of green behind the bird bath, being propped up by a couple of sticks, is our prolific mandarin tree. This year is going to be a bumper crop.

Spacing our fruit trees so they all get a nice bit of sun is proving a challenge – especially because of the neighbour’s huge oak tree (which we love). But somehow we’re managing.

This orange and the lemon behind it are both new in our garden to prepare for the eventuality of the death of our existing lemon and orange tree. Both are pretty old but even if they don’t die, we’ll just make more juice.


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