Winter growth

baby zucchini

baby zucchini

mystery squash

zucchini or cucumber?It’s squash hatching time in the garden. Everything that hasn’t been devoured by aphids or killed by leaf mould is starting to produce tiny fruits. Flowers started appearing a couple of weeks ago but they were all males and no fruit was evident, suddenly everything’s changed. Maybe this is the normal life cycle of squash plants. I’m still in the watch and learn phase of cucurbit growing.

I’ve planted cucumber and zucchini which seem to be growing at the same rate (and are very hard to tell apart) and God’s growing another mystery squash, this time under the sunflowers. I’m hoping I can eat them all in a few weeks.


Today I planted some iceberg lettuce seeds. I plan to leave them in this pot until harvest time. It’s in a sheltered space under my house with full sun. None of the winter crop of cos lettuce I transplanted after the seedlings sprouted seem to have survived. Here’s hoping the iceberg in a pot does better during the winter. Today we’re in the New Moon phase which should be best for lettuce but I’ve kind of gone off the whole lunar planting thing – it hasn’t really worked for me.

I also spent a lot of time pulling weeds today. Mainly from a bed with a good layer of mulch. I am NOT impressed with sugar cane mulch’s weed suppressing capabilities 😦

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