Jade & Mulberry

outdoor jade plant

indoor jade plant

These 2 jade plants are separated Siamese Twins. They were created by sawing in half a huge jade plant in our front yard. The one on the left (in front of our rainwater tanks) has been in that pot, outside since we repotted them in mid November. It’s gone from strength to strength and is now covered in flowers. Flowers that were covered in bees when it was only 8 degrees this chilly winter morning. The indoor sibling has struggled a little – it’s lost many more branches including a really large one. It looks healthy but not a single flower bud. I guess it’s missing the sunlight.

Today was the day to really prune the mulberry tree. It’s branches were both too long for it to support itself and too high for us to pick the fruit. That’s a lose-lose situation if ever I’ve heard one.

Mulberry blossom

Here is the first new berry forming on one of the branches (we didn’t cut this branch). What in the world is this tree doing producing fruit in early winter? Obviously the dormant season is very short in Sydney.


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