jonquil bedJoe gave Frank a bag full of Jonquil bulbs from his garden surplus with the instructions to plant them in winter. So over the past couple of days we’ve been putting them in the ground. Then, after planting, I got online to see when the best time is to actually plant (I know, got that one back to front). Turns out we’re kind of late, though one site does declare February to June is okay for planting. The problem is they should start flowering in June so maybe we’ve missed some lovely flowers 😦 Anyway, even if we’re a touch late, I’m sure they’ll be great next year.

This batch is planted in front of the wysteria, around the rose bush,  next to the banana bushes. You can see one of the bulbs on the left already has quite a large stem on it. This grew in a box under our house – as did a lot of shoots.

I’ve also planted some bulbs at the bottom of the front stairs and I still have some left over. The remainders will probably go behind my tea bush. That fence is looking very naked since we removed the azalea.


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