Fig Tree

Black Genoa Fig Tree

Frank and I bought this Black Genoa Fig Tree over a month ago. We wanted to replace the tree our tenants killed by excessive use of their weed whacker. We finally planted it yesterday. The delay was caused largely by our indecision as to where to plant it. For a while we thought we’d move a quince bush (or bushes) after their flowers dropped and put the fig in the vacated spot. Then, a couple of days ago, we decided to put the fig where the last one had been. The main thing that helped us settle on this spot is that this fig (maybe all figs) can cope with heavy pruning to keep it small. If it gets too big it will over shade our veggies (and the new orange tree).

It came with 2 figs already on it. One fell off and was inedible (dry and flavourless). The other vanished (I’m guessing possums). We’ll see how it handles its transplant and when the buds that are already forming turn to leaves.


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