National Tree Planting Day

native tree giveawayAustralia’s answer to Arbor Day is National Tree Planting Day. That was last Sunday. Frank and I joined the local council in planting shrubs (no trees) along a bike path at the edge of a local park. Lots of hearty natives that should survive without ever being watered and provide a nice safe haven for small birds, lizards and such.

We also scored some takeaways. Two garden edibles, marjoram and coriander, which probably are not in the spirit of the day, but why not? Two native trees, a paperbark and a bottle brush (shown above) are ready to go on the verge between our fence and the road. A few other small native plants to go in shady spots or under the trees (to protect them from the passing dogs).

prepared bed
I cleaned up a spot near the back door for the marjoram and coriander. This location is perfect for a kitchen herb garden . Our current herb garden it absolutely full and nothing new can survive under the masses of oregano, peppermint and parsley, to name the most dominant.

planted bed
Yesterday I loosened the soil and then added: compost, organic coffee grounds, sand (the soil is very heavy here), slow release fertiliser (not organic), water crystals and cow manure.

Today I put in the new herbs, sowed a bit of chamomile and transplanted the thyme from the old herb bed where it had been smothered. In fact there is only one stem remaining so I’m a bit doubtful that it will survive. Still, a girl’s gotta try.


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