Winter Salad

winter salad harvestI don’t normally think of winter as a good time for fresh salads, probably because I grew up in a cold-ish climate (Seattle). But looking at my garden, I have to conclude that this is THE time for eating garden greens. Last night Frank and I trundled into the back yard with a basket and a pair of scissors and came up with a bunch of lettuce, rocket (my word, we have a lot of rocket) spinach, celery, nasturtium leaves (we left the flowers, no real reason), peas (okay, we ate those while picking the other veggies) and, for good measure, a few mandarins.

winter saladBack upstairs to turn the lot into a salad. We added sunflower seeds (not from the garden – I’d still be peeling if we’d used them) blue cheese and croutons made from homemade bread (with my own sourdough – does that count as homegrown?). Here’s my serving. I have to say it was very yummy. The nasturtium gave a nice bite and I loved the mandarin in it. Why not? You put apples in a Waldorf salad after all.

I’m really pleased with my garden right now. Everything is healthy and growing well (everything that didn’t already die) and the pests are almost non-existent. I don’t know how much of it is my vigilance (I’m out every morning to remove caterpillars – but I’ve only had to remove a handful), how much is my multi-purpose garlic/bicarb spray, how much is the egg shells scattered everywhere and how much of it is the season. Whatever it is, I couldn’t be happier. And more inspired. I’m working hard to prepare the beds for spring planting.


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2 Responses to Winter Salad

  1. I love your harvesting basket Laura – it looks so professional to be harvesting into a basket rather than my technique which is just to grab any available container. I have sooo much celery, and have been thinking of making braised celery.

  2. I used to grab a plastic container out of a corner cupboard but it made my veggies look like rejects from a takeaway shop. You eat first with your eyes, so why not start in the garden?

    Let me know how the braised celery goes. I have a lot of leaves, but not many stalks. It doesn’t seem to be wilting so I’m happy for it to live on the plant, but if I do end up with to much, I’ll juice it. Celery and carrot juice is really yummy.

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