Just Passing Through

Transplanted Capsicums

Frank and I have been working on this bed for a while now. He built it and I’ve weeded out what I could from one of our many infestations of Peruvian Lily (or Parrot Alstomoeria). This lush green weed has spread throughout the garden. It has really pretty red flowers in season but its bulbs spread like no commercial crop ever has and, once in place, it’s nigh on impossible to get rid of. Anyway, with that “gone” and a couple of wheelbarrows full of freshly sifted compost (courtesy of Frank’s back-breaking day of work) the garden bed was ready for me to move the capsicums from their old bed into this new one. Those capsicums had been planted by our tenants and I have no idea how long they were in situ. I pruned them and moved them to this new spot hoping some fresh ground will give them a much needed lift. If not, I’ve got some seeds in trays and I’ll be able to plant them out in a month or so.

Yesterday morning on my daily garden walk I discovered that Tash had christened this fresh soil as her new litter box. Sighing and accepting that I’d have to install my normal warren of twigs to keep her at bay I did my transplanting work as planned. Then I remembered that coffee grounds are meant to deter feline pests so I sprinkled a dusting of grounds over the entire bed. This morning, evidence of cat exploration, but no deposits. She walked through and left it unmolested – a first. I’m not ready yet to shout the praises of coffee grounds as cat deterrents yet, but please please please let it be so.

Cat Prints

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2 Responses to Just Passing Through

  1. Oh that is nice to know Laura – I keep meaning to stop by our local coffee shop and ask them to save the coffee grounds for me again. Oh I have always wanted alstromeria and just don’t have the room. Now i am glad I never pursued that.

    • I figure even if the coffee grounds don’t keep the kitty at bay, at least they add a bit of fertiliser to the bed. Frank tested the pH yesterday of several of our beds and tested the coffee grounds just to see – turns out they were basically neutral.

      As for the alstromeria, oh how I wish whichever neighbour of mine that planted them had gone with daffodils instead! Actually, I wonder if the guilty party was the previous owner of this house. The original crop of alstromeria sprang up next to the Easter Lilies (which are beautiful and stay in their own plot).

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