Midnight Marauders

hollowed mandarin

hollowed mandarin

mandarin leavings

For a couple of weeks now, something (besides Frank and me) has been enjoying our mandarins. We wondered if maybe it was a bird because cockatoos have been seen in the tree – I even saw one carrying away a mandarin – but since most of the damage appears in the morning, I’m pretty sure it’s a nocturnal creature; either a possum or a flying fox (fruit bat).  Many of the mandarins remain on the tree with only a small hole in the skin and no flesh inside which leads me to think an animal with more manual dexterity than a parrot is at work here.

It’s not a problem, after 2 1/2 months we’re still eating a half-dozen or more mandarins every day and it looks like we’ve got a good 2 weeks of fruit left on the tree. But it is a curiosity. Anyway, I’m happy that my little tree can satisfy the appetites of the local fauna with plenty left over for me!


nearly naked mandarin tree


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3 Responses to Midnight Marauders

  1. wow, that is strange – I have noticed some passionfruit in my garden with the same symptoms….

  2. Passionfruit has a pretty hard skin – whatever is after yours must be really determined. My plant was totally killed off just before I moved back to Sydney so I’m hoping this year I’ll get some passionfruit. And now I guess I’ll hope I get to eat it myself.

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