Azalea in bloom

This garden was home to quite a few azaleas when we bought the house. Many were inappropriately planted and were suffering a slow death; they’ve since been pulled out. One or two were okay, but were removed because they were scraggly. Two have survived in new locations (one in a pot, one next to the agave) because we really have a hard time killing something that is healthy. This one has been left untouched and is rewarding us with a fantastic display.

Confession: I’m not a fan of azaleas which I suspect is because I grew up in Seattle where they were one of the 5 varieties of plants in EVERY garden, but it’s hard not to love this plant when it so proudly shows off. The shrimp plants that have wheedled their way into the azalea’s space only add to the beauty. I think this year I’ll give this azalea a nice prune and a good feed to reward it for hanging in there against the odds.


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