Mounded Potatoes

Mounded Potatoes

Today was the day to mound the potatoes that went in the ground on 21 August. I thought they should have been mounded a while ago but Frank insisted they had to have quite a healthy bush above ground before mounding. Since he was raised in Germany by parents with a large and very productive garden, who was I to argue?

I actually took a “before” photo which looked so much like this “after” that I didn’t bother saving it. The mounding is not noticeable and I’m sceptical that it will result in a huge increase to my harvest, but again, I ain’t questioning the German potato farmer!

I didn’t check the lunar calendar – is there a mounding phase?

Note that the kitchen potato is doing just as well as the seed potatoes (purchased at about 10 times the price). Wouldn’t it be great if the harvest was the same and I could ignore the seed potatoes next year!


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