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San Choy Bau

Last night, just as the sun was going down, Frank and I went out on a greens-harvest run. The motivation was our dinner – san choy bau – or rather the greens were our motivation to make that specific dinner. San … Continue reading

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Flowers Galore

The flowering almond/peach/apricot (I’m not sure what it is but it produces only a few stunted fruits each year that fall off long before they’d be ripe) is starting to burst into bloom. Within a week the front yard will … Continue reading

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Parsley in a Tea Kettle

Deb did a kitchen clean out and she offered me some stuff she no longer uses, including this cute tea kettle. It’s too nice to waste but I need a kettle like I need more egg cups. Being currently obsessed … Continue reading

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First Lemonade of the Season

Today I made my first glass of lemonade from this season’s lemon crop. The lemon chose itself by falling from the tree. This sometimes means it’s been infested by an insect but there wasn’t a mark on it and no … Continue reading

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This garden was home to quite a few azaleas when we bought the house. Many were inappropriately planted and were suffering a slow death; they’ve since been pulled out. One or two were okay, but were removed because they were … Continue reading

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