Cabbage Feast

I couldn’t stand it any more, watching my cabbages drift away night after night as the possum had his way with them. Action was called for! It seemed a bit late for building elaborate fencing so instead, yesterday I harvested the sole surviving cabbage and brought it inside (a good month before it reached maturity). I was left with a head the size of a rockmelon – not exactly the massive harvest I’d imagined when I planted my cabbage crop, but desperate times and all that.

This small head actually turned out to be perfect for my needs. For lunch I chopped up half and fried it with a sausage. For dinner I chopped the 2nd half and put it in some fried rice. That’s 2 meals for the possum while the cabbage was still in the ground (I’m not counting the other head he decimated or that first seedling that just vanished one night – I’m letting bygones be bygones) and 2 meals for me after harvest (3, if you count the leftover fried rice I’ll be having for lunch). I call that a fair enough split. The next planting will have to be protected with some chicken wire or perhaps laser guided missiles.

And just as I was about to close this series of posts about cabbages that began with their sowing back in late June, I’ve read some startling news: 2nd heads often grow after you harvest the first head of cabbage. I see no reason not to leave the plants in their pots and watch. The question is, will the possum be watching as well?


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2 Responses to Cabbage Feast

  1. karen says:

    I can’t stand the suspense. Did you get a second harvest? Or… did the possum?

  2. Good question – we’ll have to ask John. He’s babysitting the cabbage stubs.

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