The blueberries we planted in May are starting to produce fruit. These photos show one of the Nellie Kelley plants. One of the Blueberry Legacy plants also has a couple of berries on it (I think, quite literally, 2). The other 3 plants are flowering but no fruit yet. I think I’ll have to wait a couple of years before I can make a blueberry cobbler.

Nellie Kelley Blueberry


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3 Responses to Blueberries

  1. shanegenziuk says:

    Very exciting time. I have some of the plants growing but still waiting for the fruit, such anxious times (will it bloom or not!)

  2. First I was waiting for blooms. Then I had some blooms that didn’t produce fruit. Now I have fruit and am still waiting. Will the fruit ripen and be found by a human or will the marsupials prove again to be the master (garden) race?

  3. karen says:

    I planted native blueberry bushes two years ago. I’ve had limited blooms and no fruit. I am soooo disappointed and keep debating whether or not to buy additional bushes.. Perhaps, in our spring, I’ll plant a few more.

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