Farming Corn

sweet corn

I am unreasonably thrilled with my sweet corn. Sown on 30 Sept, it should be ready for harvest January-ish. Which means maybe March (history has taught me that everything takes longer to ripen when I plant it than it would anywhere else on the planet). I have no idea if it’s doing well or not but it sure looks healthy to me. 3 of the 24 seeds I sowed have been no-shows and some plants are noticeably stunted, but overall I’d say it looks like an honest-to-goodness crop. Which is, I think, why it thrills me all out of proportion. Something about sweet corn shouts farming. Everyone grows herbs and leafy veggies and even tomatoes in pots on their balcony. But to grow sweet corn, well, that’s what farmers do 🙂

Even the zucchini planted around the edges of the crop are recovering. My zucchini seedlings started to sag a bit in their trays. Maybe there is something to this companion planting stuff after all.


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3 Responses to Farming Corn

  1. they do look healthy to me – I have never been able to get a corn crop here. I might try at the end of the rainy season, here it is all about trying to miss the huge rainfall we get in the wet season.

  2. Everything I’ve ever read about corn says it loves a lot of water. Everything I’ve ever read about corn clearly doesn’t understand what “a lot of water” can mean. I don’t envy you those wet seasons. Maybe lotus flowers are the goer rather than corn?

  3. karen says:

    Rows of corn and companion planting?

    Tell me, dear, do you own overalls?

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