Cosmos Anyone?

On 6 September I sowed a bunch of flower seeds. When I left home in late October for my Summer/Winter in Germany, there were random seedlings appearing in a few spots, but nothing amazing.

This bed was over-planted with sunflower seeds (from my own harvest plus from a packet) and then a handful of cosmos seeds were scattered in front (courtesy of Africanaussie – she gave out packets of seeds she collected from her own cosmos crop). My theory was that the huge yellow flowers towering above the little ones would be a perfect cover for this sundrenched fence.

Unfortunately, the bandicoot (and maybe other critters) found the sunflower seeds. In the first days I found holes – the trademark wedges left by marauding bandicoots. Then one or 2 sunflower shoots appeared. Within 48 hours of a shoot showing itself, it was gobbled by something (my money’s on the possum but it could easily have been the bandicoot). Within a couple of weeks it was clear I’d get no sunflowers but I kept my fingers crossed for Africanaussie’s cosmos. Low and behold, the hearty little things survived all that grazing and I have cosmos!

John sent this photo (along with more of my veggies he’s enjoying) just to make me jealous! I’m hoping some blooms are still there when I return and I can harvest more seeds for next spring’s plantings.

Thank you Africanaussie and John for the beautiful flowers!


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5 Responses to Cosmos Anyone?

  1. karen says:

    Spectacular. Like something out of a magazine.
    I, too, hope you get home to see the wonders and beauty that’s come to life in your very own yard.

  2. It’s been such a cold summer in Sydney there might actually be a lot still alive when I get home next month. Fingers crossed.

  3. Hi Laura, I just got back from my holiday with my daughters in Malaysia and Borneo. It sounds as though you still have a little longer to go until your return. I am so glad that the cosmos did well for you – I find they can be a bit weedy but are such a great addition with their continuous colour and the way they attract butterflies and beneficial insects.

    • Welcome home Africanaussie. I hope you enjoyed a break from your tropical garden to explore yet more tropics! I do have a little longer to go – about a month and I’ll be back battling cabbage moths and bandicoots. I can’t wait!

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