Remote Gardening

Part of my travel preparation was to spread seedlings far and wide in the hopes that some of them would do something, somewhere. Okay, not that far or wide. I scattered some through my various beds, gave a few to the neighbours and sent Deb home with quite a collection.

Updates on my orphans have been few and far between but recently Deb did breakdown (after some nagging) and send me some photos. The herbs (above) are looking pretty good, especially when you consider she actually eats them (so nice to hear humans are eating my produce rather than that ol’ bandicoot). She’s received basil, parsley, mint, oregano and rosemary. And all of it is still hanging in there (not that a 2nd batch wouldn’t go astray – it’s nearly impossible to have too many herbs).

Soon she’s expecting to harvest some chillies and maybe capsicum but the tomatoes aren’t all that great. The jury is still out on the eggplant but at least she’d managed to coax a flower from the plant. Better than I did last year. I’ve got to work on my eggplant technique!


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