Cleaning up

I’ve started cleaning up the garden beds around the yard. After being left to their own devices for most of the summer, the beds each responded in their own fashion. Typically they opted to grow a lovely crop of weeds. I suppose the warmth and the unusually high rain falls were too tempting.

So far I’ve done 3 of the beds (4 if you count my potato harvest which was, in essence, a clean out in itself). As I describe them below, I’ll include 3 photos per bed: 1) before I left, 2) when I returned but before I cleaned up, 3) after the clean-up.

This is the bed at the base of the stairs. I had planned for it to become a second herb bed. Unfortunately, after pulling up all the weeds I was left with 1 small basil plant, an okay chives clump and 3 brave little chilli plants. Gone without a trace were the coriander (multiple plants), marjoram and thyme.  I think this bed just doesn’t get enough sunshine (or the herbs didn’t because of the weeds). I may give it another shot if I get some seeds going, but this might become a shady bed full of nice green leafy plants.

The passion fruit is growing like crazy but John says he didn’t end up with any fruit. That one surprises me. Not enough sun again?

Just above that bed is the holding bed I created to keep a hodge-podge of plants that really should be elsewhere. They actually fared pretty well: the wisteria and bay tree cuttings died but I have 2 good-looking mulberry trees; the guava is good; the paperbark, lomandra & bottle brush are okay; one of the warrigal greens slithered around into a long vine with very few leaves (I’m optimistic it will do better but regardless, I’ll try to strike a cutting to protect my stock) the other one is nowhere to be seen; also vanished are the lettuces and the native sarsaparilla; Graces flower is still there (and still with no flowers).

At the very bottom of the garden, the ginger bed did so-so. The ginger is there but not exactly thriving. Ditto the horseradish. The garlic seems to be resprouting (but a bit of digging shows no good cloves). No sign of the onions or pumpkins. The potatoes I mentioned in an earlier post (really tragic). But the indoor plants seem to be perking up. At least something appreciates the shade and all that rain!

I’ve got some of the middle beds left to tackle, but that’s a job for another day.

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I'm an American-Australian author, gardener and traveller. Go to my writing website: for more. If you're trying to find my gardening blog, it's here.
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2 Responses to Cleaning up

  1. oh you have been busy. I find it is good to look back on the same time last year in my blog and see what was growing. I thought it should not be quite so wet still here, but looked back and last year was also very wet in March! Your garden doesn’t look half as overgrown as I expected after your time away. I am still cutting things back and weeding.

  2. I took your advice and looked back at my posts from this time last year – it was hot and dry. Nothing like this year. And I had quite a few seedlings in the garden, something I’ve been unable to do this year since I’ve been gone. But it’s really interesting to see the differences. I like this whole blogging thing for my garden!

    I too expected to see my garden a lot more overgrown but, thanks to my nephew, it was kept in check. That said, it’s a lot weedier than normal for Sydney. All that warm air and rain is trying to grow a jungle out there. That’s something I guess you know all about living in northern QLD.

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