Beer Batter Squash Flowers

There’s a prolific wild squash plant growing in (and out of) one of my garden beds. The squash have been rotting before they seem ready and the plant is a nuisance so yesterday Frank started hacking it back. As he did, he saved the flowers and last night we made a dinner of them.

Our simple beer batter squash flower recipe is:

– 1 part beer (we home-brewed dark ale and it worked great in the recipe)
– 1 part flour
– salt to taste (we didn’t add it to the batter but put it on the table – next time I’ll put some in the batter)


– Put 1/2 inch of oil in a pan, heat it until a drop of batter sizzles.
– Coat each flower (stamens, prickly stem leaves and ants removed) and drop it in the oil.
– Do small batches of flowers to keep the oil hot (and the flipping and removing easy).
– When the bottom side gets golden brown (less than a minute) turn it over.
– When brown all over, put on paper towel to drain.

Change the paper towelling when it gets too oily. We didn’t do this and, as a result, some of our flowers were too oily. Otherwise, the taste was fantastic. We even cooked some of the small squash this way and really like them.

We ate ours with sweet chilli sauce and a yoghurt/onion dip and it was yummy.


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2 Responses to Beer Batter Squash Flowers

  1. oh I have often looked at doing that and never tried it. Yours look yummy. I thought they were normally stuffed before frying.

  2. I found a bunch of recipes that show them stuffed – generally with cheese. I might try that next time. I prefer to start out simple and work my way up.

    Actually, I bet they’d taste great stuffed with labneh. I’ve got my second batch curing in the fridge right now. Bummer that I ripped out the last of the squash vines today 😦

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