Seedling Progress

I’ve been sowing a lot of seeds this autumn and today I took stock of their progress.

The March 7th sowing produced a lot of lettuce and rocket. The Cos lettuce only resulted in 2 plants but the iceberg bounty made up for it. Here’s the bed that got the first planting-out of those greens.

I also sowed basil, cauliflower and cabbage on the same day. The basil  and cauliflower (pictured below) have both been pretty prolific with me planting out 6 cauliflower plants into beds. The cabbage seeds gave me one plant and it’s about the same size as the cauliflower.

On the 6th of April I sowed some herb seeds: dill, thyme and coriander. They are SLOWLY progressing below.

On the 6th of April  I also sowed kohlrabi (back row) and silverbeet (front row) in the orange pot on the left below. I put Kale seeds in the green pot on the right on the 9th of April .

On the 16th of April I sowed the 2nd round of peas. Zero of the snow peas have sprouted but 5 of the regular peas have. The regular peas come from a new pack – all previous plantings were from last year’s packages. I suspect the old peas were just too old. Here are the pea sprouts.

Finally, the radishes I sowed on the 22nd of April are sprouting – at least those in the pot. I see one seedling just emerging from those planted directly in the bed. They don’t get as much sun there and I suspect the ground is colder as well.

And, for the sake of completeness, no sighting of a fennel sprout. I’m guessing my herb jar contains dead and/or infertile seeds.

I’m pretty happy with what I hope is a going to be a good winter crop. I’ll be planting out some of the seedlings in the next couple of weeks and I can probably start picking a few lettuce leaves at any time. The peas (and fennel) are my big failures. I’ll sow more peas when the lunar calendar suggests – the fennel may go missing from my garden this year.


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2 Responses to Seedling Progress

  1. Gosh all your seedlings are coming along so nicely – I am sure they are further along than mine…. 😦 You are so organized to know when they were all planted…

  2. Well, I better remember when they were all planted – that was the whole reason I started this journal which has morphed into a broader blog. I wanted to know what was working and how long things take to grow here so each year my garden would be more productive. And it’s working!

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