Lunar Peas

Yesterday the moon was in its First Quarter which is a good phase for planting crops that grow their seeds on the inside – like peas.  I’m having lousy luck with peas this winter so now I’m giving the moon a chance to pitch in. I planted the front 4 sticks with the old snow peas (that I’m almost certain are all dead) and the rest of the sticks with regular (but a new package) peas. We’ll see how we go. I expect the snow peas to be no-shows but then I’ll just plant those poles with regular peas and end up with successive crops. Either way I win.

Then I planted some potatoes. It’s not the season or the right moon phase for them but Frank handed me 5 small potatoes that were past their prime in our kitchen drawer (I think they might have been from our garden harvest) and I spotted a potato plant sprouting in the bed where they grew last year (no one told it its the wrong season) so, why not?

I put the 5 potatoes in the ground and had more help than I could handle. Both Isabel and Rosie tried eating my potatoes but only Rosie resorted to digging one  over looking for something more appetising underneath. Bronwyn contented herself to scratching in a bed I’d just forked over eating nice, fat earth worms (darn her).

Free range chickens should come with warning labels and maybe a bell to alert the worms!


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8 Responses to Lunar Peas

  1. Seasonsgirl says:

    Great chicken shots… I agree they need warning lables 🙂

    • I can tell you like chickens if you like these shots. I am sure normal people (those poor souls without chickens) look at all my chook photos and scratch their heads. Thanks for sharing my love of all things chicken (even their destruction).

  2. beechcreekproject says:

    While you plant a garden you have chickens helping you. In my case I have 5 dogs that tromp around the garden, digging spots where I’ve planted seeds, “watering” plants (4 male dogs) and just generally terrorizing what plants were brave enough to emerge. I planted some black-eye peas, look behind me down the row and one of the dogs are eating the dried peas out of the ground. Jeez. Way too many helpers. You know what I’m talking about.

    • Oh lordy, next time I get frustrated with my chickens, I’ll think of you with your dogs “helping” out and playing in your vegetable beds.

      Who knew dogs liked black-eye peas? I bet if you filled their dinner bowl with dried peas they’d look at you like you were trying to starve them, but rubbed in the dirt, that’s mana from heaven! I love dogs but I’m thinking they aren’t the best friends of any garden.

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