Winter Vegetable Garden

The 4 rows of vegetable beds are pretty full right now. They contain (top to bottom):

  • Cauliflower, rocket, lettuce, radishes, peas
  • Kohlrabi, kale
  • Potatoes, silverbeet, basil (old and bountiful), cauliflower
  • Eggplant, peppers, spinach, onions (all ancient and poor producers) and lettuce and rocket (I’m harvesting from these already)

Everything I’ve sown to date is in its final position which means my winter crop is well and truly on its way. I could probably squeeze in some spring onions with a little more chicken wire to protect  the eggplant bed, but that’s it. As much as it hurts, I need to stop sowing seeds.

Today I planted out the last crop – silverbeet – in the bed with the kitchen-reject potatoes (photo below), mulched it, protected it with chicken wire and filled the seed tray with more radishes. I figure there’s no point in leaving seed trays dormant if they can produce crops of radishes.

Frank has plans (which I strongly encourage) to make 2 more veggie beds for me above the others. When these appear I can think about adding a few more items to my winter veggie garden – or maybe that will be for the first spring plantings. I’ve got lots of seeds that aren’t being used and it makes me hungry just to think about them being dormant!

Update 14 June 2012: The radishes I sowed on 10 May (5 weeks ago today) are ripening nicely. We picked 4 of them for a snack. The scarlet globes are proving to be very good performers in my garden.


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2 Responses to Winter Vegetable Garden

  1. gosh you have been busy. i also think of seeds sitting in packets as being a waste 🙂 I like your wire netting – that should keep out the critters.

    • The chicken wire should keep out the critters but I’ve lost a few kale seedlings already. Something ate them. I assumed it was a caterpillar but Frank pointed out that all of those that have been munched are near the wire. He thinks something has been sticking its head in and eating the leaves. If it’s just a few leaves near the fence, I’m way ahead of my past performance.

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