Potato Shoots

First Potato Shoot

On April 30th I planted some kitchen potatoes (with the help of my hens). The first (I hope not only) one of these is now sprouting. It’s the wrong time of year for potatoes – they should go in the ground between August and November. But I’m cautiously optimistic.

What gives me hope is the stray potato plants coming up in one of my junk veggie beds. The bed is home to my horseradish and last year it also a nice potato crop (planted in August, shooting well in September and harvesting commencing in December). The strawberries from the bed below are spreading everywhere and both beds are going to be overhauled in spring then replanted with ginger. I’ve basically been ignoring this area but nature apparently isn’t. It looks like I left a few potatoes in the ground from last year’s harvest and they’re ignoring the calendar and shooting.

Time will tell if anything edible comes from this enthusiasm of Mother Nature and my own unseasonal planting.

Self Propagating Potatoes


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