Chilli Harvest

Last year I made a dried string of chillies,  all harvested from one plant. We’re still eating from that dried string. Okay, we get a lot of fresh chillies through the year as well, but one plant really can keep us in hot spice!

From that plant I sacrificed one of the fruits to get some seeds. I ended up with a bunch of plants. Many made it into my garden and a few went to friends. One of the plants is even more prolific that its parent. This is the harvest from that plant.

Here’s what the plant looks like after we stole all its ripe chillies. There are still some green ones there which will ripen through winter. Much of the lower leaf damage is courtesy of my chickens. They love picking at the leaves (and even the red chillies) but they never actually eat anything from this plant. A bit hot for their taste I imagine.

Here’s this year’s string next to the remainder of last year’s. These are pretty hot and generally we only use half of one in any dish so I won’t be rushing out to sow more seeds anytime soon.


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2 Responses to Chilli Harvest

  1. shanegenziuk says:

    Looks fantastic and exactly what I plan to do with all the chillies drying on plate on my kitchen bench!

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