Try Try Again

Persistence is right up there with sunlight and water when you’re making a list of what you’ll need when planning a garden. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again (and again and again). I do get frustrated but, as long as I have seeds, I keep on tryin’.

I’ve sowed quite a few flower seeds twice before, in April and August last year, with absolutely no success. I have no idea why. Some of them (for example, the pansies) grow pretty much all year round here, but autumn plantings certainly should grow. Today is either really late autumn or really early winter depending on whether you go by the government calendar or the sun. Whatever, I’m just going for it.

Today I filled some “seed trays” (old rubbish bin lids with holes drilled in the bottom) with compost, sand, lime and water crystals. I added seeds for Lobelia, Forget Me Not, Nigella, California Poppy and Heartsease Pansies. They get good sun and there’s not much more that I can do for them. Except protect them from the chickens (they’re on the bottom shelf of my plant stand) which I did with some spare chicken wire.

One of the Long Scarlet radishes from the April 22  batch finally was ready for harvest a couple of days ago. But only one. There are four or five others still hanging in there which is not a great return on the number of seeds I sowed. I sowed a bunch more of them between the peas today – a really dense planting – so maybe in late August I’ll be harvesting those.

I’m not giving up – yet…


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11 Responses to Try Try Again

  1. Hey Laura, you’re right about persistence. My father spent most of his adult life teaching farmers how to be better farmers, but he’d never grown vegetables himself until he retired. He said it was ‘interesting’ that in twenty years he still didn’t have the full measure of the science of growing vegetables.

    • ‘Interesting’ – I like that. Your dad has a great attitude. One I’ll try to hang on to as I puzzle over my various failures. I guess we like to think we can put Mother Nature under our control, but she keeps a few secrets up her sleeve (like how to grow pansies!!!!!)

  2. Yep pansies because, like radishes, they are super easy to grow. HA! I have a knack when it comes to stunting or even sterilising “easy” plants.

  3. sounds like me with radishes…

    • I know I shouldn’t confess this but it pleases me no end that your radishes let you down as well. It isn’t just me. Of course you have the ultimate excuse – you live in the tropics – you may not grow radishes but you grow lychees!

  4. tamara says:

    I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award!

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