More Strawberry Progress

Those strawberries I redistributed a couple of weeks ago are doing very well. They are even flowering and full of berry buds.

I’ve given away 2 batches of baby plants to friends but ended up with a pot full just sort of hanging around, struggling to survive. So, rather than composting something that is possibly nice and edible, the plants went in the ground. After, of course, improving the soil. A bag of horse manure got mixed in with the dirt. The manure came from some nearby stables. The mixing came with the help of my chickens. My standing near the bags to take a photo was enough to spark their interest.

The newly planted strawberries are a lot behind their sisters who have been living the life of luxury for 2 weeks, but they aren’t what you’d expect for plants stuck in a pot with a bit of soil on the bottom but none around the roots (I was cruel). I’m confident they’ll bounce back and start growing in a matter of days. But since this is a shady bed (courtesy of a healthy avocado tree) I don’t hold a lot of hope for berries. But I might as well give them a try, nothing else does well in here. It used to be such a nice little bed for lettuce and herbs – ah, those were the days.


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