Winter Pollinators

Amongst the long list of things I know nothing or little about in my garden is pollinators. The extent of my knowledge is that a wise gardener encourages flowers and insects in the garden because pollinators like flowers and are insects and your veggies need pollinators to produce fruit.

I believe that pollinators can be bees (hive and solitary), wasps and flies. Even wind, birds and the odd lizard or frog can carry pollen but I mainly focus on encouraging the insect pollinators where I can.

Frank’s done his bit by building a home/nursery for insects which is in constant use. I do my bit by not using chemicals and letting plants go to seed (that is, flower) rather than cutting off the shoots even though cutting would improve leaf/fruit growth.

My “kale” (what is this Brassica?) is now in flower. I’ve no idea what it is that is pollinating the pretty yellow flower stems but it is most welcome.

I don’t plant many flowers – and those that I do plant have a nasty tendency of turning up their toes before ever blooming, but I do have some flowering plants that are beautiful and beloved by insects. My jade plant blooms for months and the bees & wasps love it. Three different visitors are pictured below. 

The truth is I don’t actually do much to proactively encourage pollinators but I am always happy to find them buzzing about. I suspect my veggies are even happier.


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