Cauliflower Harvest

One of the cauliflowers I sowed on March 7th was ready for harvest yesterday. 4 1/2 months from seed to dinner plate – I’ve no idea if that’s normal, but it’s now my benchmark.

This particular cauliflower didn’t have the easiest road to my kitchen. I moved it about 3 weeks ago into a new bed and, against all odds, it survived transplant shock and kept growing. I had 7 plants in total (6 now) and most have smaller heads which I’m hoping will give me a staggered harvest.

Even the cauliflower within reach of my chickens (in particular, Bronwyn who sees a strand of chicken wire as a hassle, but not a deterrent) is putting in a valiant effort. I guess leaves are an optional extra in the cauliflower world.

The ripe cauliflower head was served lightly steamed with dip for last night’s dinner. I tasted it raw and steamed and was pleased with both. It was more tender and sweeter than store-bought cauliflower. It’s also about 1/4 the size of the giant grocery store variety.

A new veggie for me from my garden – a great result for my first try!


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6 Responses to Cauliflower Harvest

  1. That looks like a very successful crop – you are very organized to keep track of when things are planted. I was just thinking is was ages ago that I planted my carrots – another long growing veggie.

    • I started the blog for just this reason. My thinking was that I could speed up my knowledge about when was best to plant and how to share space in beds. I’ve got a long way to go before I optimise growing seasons and crop rotation, but I’m working hard at building a store of knowledge that I can refer to. The big surprise is how much I like writing this blog and meeting like minded souls through it.

  2. Max says:

    I’m thinking that planting time for cauliflower in my local is sneaking up on me pretty quick.

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