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More Strawberry Progress

Those strawberries I redistributed a couple of weeks ago are doing very well. They are even flowering and full of berry buds. I’ve given away 2 batches of baby plants to friends but ended up with a pot full just … Continue reading

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Moving Day

There’s a bed in our garden that needs moving. It’s a long story, but in order to give us easier access to each bed, we’re now trying to be consistent with 2 beds adjacent, then a gap. This one is … Continue reading

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Last night we made dinner for friends: cannelloni & salad. I used my new pasta maker to roll out the pasta. My old one was out of alignment and just didn’t roll right. I got this machine for free at … Continue reading

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My Chickens have OCD

I’m not a medical practitioner of any sort but I am a bit worried about my girls. I think they might be suffering from OCD. Or, quite possibly, they’re just weirdos. They slip into these obsessive pecking spells that go on and … Continue reading

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Fruiting Tree Planting

Back in October of last year – 8 months ago – I put some fruiting trees and a bunch of other plants in a holding bed because we just weren’t getting around to planting them out. Then events overtook us … Continue reading

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